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To be received by Friday 4th October 2019
Application for a FfWG Emergency grant for postgraduate study and research 2019

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Personal Details


1. Current studies for which grant is sought


2. Place of study


3. Degrees and Qualifications (most recent first)

Award Date Degree/diploma HE certificate Subject Class (if applicable) Awarding Institution

4. Completed Research/Publications


5. Employment Record (most recent first)

Date Position Place of work

6. Please explain how your need for an emergency grant has arisen?


7. Previous Applications

Have you ever applied to FfWG for either Emergency Grant or Foundation Main Grant?
If so, give result and academic year to which it applied


8. How did you learn of FfWG?


9. Are you a Member?


11a. Have you applied for an Academic Award from BFWG at any time?


11b. Other fund awarding institutions

FfWG can only assist with living expenses and there is great competition for limited funds. We recommend that you apply to other fund awarding institutions. Please give details of other applications made for the academic year 2018 2019. Do not include funds for this academic year

Funding Body Telephone Number Amount Expected date of decision
You must inform FfWG of the results of your other applications

12. Tuition Fees

If for a different period after October 2018, please state


13. Income and Expenditure

Funds already available over and above cost of fees. State all sources including state benefits, child allowance and any support per month from husband/partner/parents

Source Amount (monthly in £s)
Total Income per month
Breakdown of expected costs for the academic year (2018 2019) Give MONTHLY figures in sterling. If you share expenses only state YOUR share

Expenditure Amount (monthly in £s)
Rent/Accommodation including gas, electricity, water
Food and household items (normally not to exceed £350)
Travel to and from university
Total Expenditure per month

14. Terms of Grants

If a grant is awarded by the FfWG towards the cost of the Grantee’s Living Expenses as described in their application it will be made under the following conditions
a - That the applicant has given appropriate evidence of expenditure where requested

b - That the applicant has informed FfWG of the outcome of any other applications made.

c - That the Grantee will use the grant for the above purpose only

d - That if awarded a grant the grantee will submit a progress report at the end of her year’s work


15. References

Both references must be from people who know you in an academic or professional capacity
The first must be from your current department, preferably from your tutor or supervisor

16. Data Protection Legislation

All personal information is treated by us as confidential and is processed in accordance with the relevant legislation. We will not use or disclose personal information without your specific consent, other than in the normal course of assessing and administering your grant application, except where we are compelled by law or public interest to disclose such information. The circumstances where this may occur, the legal bases on which we hold personal data and your rights in relation to this data can be found in our full privacy statement on the FfWG website.

Specific Consent

Please provide FfWG with consent in relation to the following matters:

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